20 July 2009

The Ramos House, San Juan Capistrano

Board the Amtrak Surfliner. Disembark at San Juan Capistrano. Walk 100 paces from the tracks and you will find the Ramos House. Its an original structure from the 1850's, turned into a restaurant. As you can see by the Spanish moss below, its aims for a Southern feel (cue banjos).

You've got to appreciate anyone that goes to the trouble of lighting votive candles in broad Southern California daylight. The owner appears to live in the house, with the kitchen in the back and tables in the side yard and front porch. This is the owner's kitten, who popped up to nuzzle the living room window.
Whoever owns and operates this establishment has got one hell of an eye for design. Note the oversize shipyard-esque chain (would love this in my nautical bathroom) and the drive-in theater speakers on the porch (fully functioning, wired for sound and playing music. Why did I never think of that?)
Great minds think alike, I'd like to say; just the other day I started looking for a five gallon glass water jug for collecting corks. I love this for a project, it slowly becomes an organic-material art piece.

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