18 August 2009

She Sells Seashells

As much as I love the beach, I haven't been much since Bunni was born, because: taking a 5 month old? Who can't yet sit up on her own? She'd be like a sand-flavored Shake 'n Bake chicken thigh in no time. Fortuitously, my writing group met in Manhattan Beach this week, and after several glorious hours of sea-side reading, writer-talk, and the world's prettiest crudite platter, I got to wander.

I loved the store Magpie, on Highland. Their window display of appropriately beach-y, high-end housewares beguiled me, particularly the Indian block-print cotton scarves in blues and whites and the white glaze-over-terra cotta tableware in shell shapes.

By far the most appealing of all was this Vietri sardine plate:
Too much of this stuff on one table might be a little gaggy (just a One Finger on my mother in law's Scale of Gagginess), but I could really get into touches of it here and there. This single plate struck me as prohibitively expensive at $44, so I took only the photo home. [Post-script 1: I've since been researching Vietri prices and this wasn't so nuts, after all. This stuff looks pretty collectible, and now I'm starting to get the Would-a Should-a Could-a feeling best exemplified by the heinous "Acapulco" fiasco of 2005.]

Thus inspired, and with a sleepyhead napping in the backseat, I thought about which Westside store I could visit in search of further nautical-themed finds. I'd just decided on forgoing shopping altogether when the car nearly independently drove itself into a carpool lane from which there was no return, magically taking me to La Sybarite's Favorite Thriftstore #2.

With ocean decor on my mind,I found: a heavy Murano-type glass seashell shaped ashtray, but it was green (I'd have preferred blue) and not in the greatest condition. Nevermind that we don't smoke, it would have made a good soap/sponge dish by the kitchen sink. I also passed on a set of Arcoroc-type glassware - three bowls, one plate- also seashell shaped. I didn't LOVE them so I left them.

Here's, however, what I did purchase:

a set of outdoor plastic tableware in super-bright fiesta shades for upcoming BBQs

a tea pot and mugs to tide me over until I get my set of Cornishware [Post script 2: T hated these mugs. Oh well. I can't blam him; they are Ikea.]


  1. Dude. If you're gonna insult Ikea, you might as well just tell me my mom's a slut.

  2. Great finds, mama! I especially love the plates, bowls and utensils in the first pic! *jealous*

    How many ways can you say...wish list?

    Tee, hee, hee. Budgets suck.

  3. Loooove your purchases! You make me want to wander...but those of us without your eye tend to bore ourselves and wander into frozen yogurt places instead. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. As for budgets, mama::millieu, I hear you. And yet, I think it was Coco Chanel who best illustrated what a positive impact restrictions can have on creativity. Then again she was a bit of a Nazi sympathizer. So screw budgets.