03 September 2009

Smells like Nail Varnish

Has anyone else noticed that the humble beetle lucked out in the haberdashery department?

For years I've been waiting for some beauty company to come out with a line of nail varnish (as my husband grew up calling it) inspired by the beautiful iridescence of the beetle. Sit down - it wouldn't be as freakish as you think. Don't go getting your panties all in a twist, you bug-a-phobes*. It would actually be very elegant, very 1920's Art Deco Egyptian-revival, very Erte. Are you listening, Chanel? It'll put Vamp to shame. I've even named it already: The Scarab Line, in Vert, Bleu, and Noir. See? French names = elegant.

*Though I just KNEW that in my relentless searching for images of beetles someone, somewhere would shove a tarantula in. Just what I needed. Now I'll never sleep tonight.

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