25 September 2009

Things to do in Seattle When You're Dead Tired

I can't imagine a better city to be in when your child is an early riser. Seattle and its many purveyors of fine caffeinated beverages made waking up at dawn to keep Bunni from waking the entire household a pleasure. Here are some of the extra foamy lattes I imbibed while in town:

Piccolino, Ballard

House of Leinster

Mighty O Organic Donuts, Wallingford

Caffe Fiori, Sunset Hill

Knotty Bodies, 15th Ave NW

ERRRRUP! (Cue needle scratching record). I know what you're thinking.

"Why is this girl wearing condiment-colored underthings?"

Oh - that wasn't what you were thinking? Sorry. I guess I should explain that Washington state is the land of genius inventions like the drive up FotoMat-style coffee hut. As well as not-so genius inventions like drive-up FotoMat-style coffee huts staffed by scantily-clad ladies. I'll give her credit, though: she pulled a pretty decent latte, despite her inexplicable ketchup-and-mustard lingerie selection. Maybe she used to work at Hot Dog On a Stick?

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Pacific Fisherman Shipyard, Ballard

Alexa's Cafe, Swanson's Garden Center, Crown Hill

Good to the last drop.


  1. Girl, you did Seattle Right! I love this pictorial of the coffee goods. Hell's ya, thank god you found fiori, but did you catch Lladro? Shit, I should have gotten to you, clearly you had a great guide. But here's my ? - does Bunni get caffeinated when you do? Cause BHB has me drinkin' the decaf.

  2. I was SUPER precious about anything I ingested when La BunBun first came on the scene, until my pediatrician told me to eat whatever I wanted and stop being such a crazytrain. Moving on to real coffee didn't seem to affect her in the slightest. Thank the lord, because I concurrently realized that decaf tastes terrible.

  3. Hi viva joy riot,

    I’m a journalist at France 24’s Observers website. I’m doing a post on the bikini barista coffee phenomenon in Washington today (and more precisely, the puritan outrage over it).

    Was wondering if I could use your pic of the condiment lady?

    Please let me know asap, the article is for today.

    Thank you!

    Sophie (spilgrim AT france24.com).

  4. Hi Sophie-

    Yes by all means, and thanks for the link!