07 September 2009

We're Roasting, in More Ways Than One

Mr. Sybarite came back from the farmer's market Friday laden with a cornucopia of fresh produce. We decided to make quick work of the lot by chopping (into chunks) drizzling (with olive oil) and sprinkling (with sea salt and fresh thyme). We slid everything into a hot oven, sat back and relaxed. Roasting turns just about any vegetable into deliciousness, even the usually slimy and somewhat questionable okra (seen just above the carrots in the above left.)

The smaller dish on the right was special, for Bunni. After roasting, they were pureed and frozen in an ice cube tray for future meals, once she graduates from avocado - also known as "God's butter".

Yum to the yum!


  1. Yay, mama...looks simply divine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted veggies. Bunni is a lucky little hopper...xoxoxo

  2. This is exactly my plan this morning. I am going to watch tennis and roast beets potatoes and carrots before it is too warm to do so. I add rosemary instead of thyme.

  3. Yum to the yummer fo sure. And 'god's butter?'. Love it, stealing it.

  4. Are you sure those are okra? Looks like zucchini to me. I've never seen such huge okra. Maybe it's a new variety?
    You've got me thinking I should roast some veggies and use the rosemary proliferating in my herb planter. Love the idea and the yummy photos.