03 September 2009

Writing on the Wall

Seen in Santa Monica Sunday August 30th. Becca is an artist who graces the world with her feminine, cheeky and fanciful work in the most unexpected public places (think bridges or restaurant walls). Spotting a new piece is like scoring at an Easter egg hunt. Some would call her a graffiti artist. I call her fantastic. I especially love how she made her signature look like it was scrawled in crayon.

Speaking of crayons, I'm shocked to discover Crayola has retired two of my favorite colors: Thistle and Blue Grey. Does that make mine collector's items??

Is it strange that I still defer to Crayola's chosen names for colors? Literally, when I think of certain colors, I call them what Crayola did. Won't someone please tell us your favorite Crayola color, or any other Crayola story so I don't feel like such a weirdo? Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. i believe my fav might have been Forrest Green. i used to try to make use of it on everything i drew. i think i might have even eaten one. explains a lot. two of my least fav were Red Orange...way too confusing for a child. what are you red or orange?! and Raw or burnt Sienna...did we really care if it was raw or burnt?