21 October 2009

AND..... we're back.

After two weeks of dead air, I have returned.

Last week was not fun. I got a cold (Funny!) Niamh cuaght it from me (Not Funny!) Meanwhile, Mr. Sybarite had a full week of work, which meant this full-time caretaker missed astonishing amounts of sleep due to her little one waking every two hours from a blocked nose. (Really not funny!)

Typical, garden-variety baby-raising stuff, really. Nothing special. Millions of moms and dads do it everyday, are doing it as we speak, in fact (courage, all of you!! I feel your pain.)But until you've experienced it, you can't quite understand the tiredness. I spent the two years I worked at a major publishing venture in a state of extreme sleep deprivation, where I woke up every morning with the very first thought "I SWEAR to you, poor beleagured body, I will nap today during lunch AND go to bed FIRST THING when I get home". That kind of tired. But that had nothing on this.

In short, I started each day feeling like a 16-wheeler swerved off Interstate 5, onto our bed, where it proceeded to do a three point turn on my sickly, prone body.

On a good day of momming, its hard enough to entertain the baby, keep the house from being condemned, feed one's self (once, maybe twice) and then throw a blog up onto the interweb. But when you don't feel good? You go from swimming upstream to a very stremuous dead man's float.

All of which is the longest way ever to say: Yikes! So sorry for my absence. Thanks for tuning in again. Now go and wash your hands. There's nasty viruses? virii? going around.

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  1. oohhh garsh, so sorry to hear this. I'm glad y'all are feeling better. Going to wash my hands now.

    That 18 wheeler drove by my bed this morning, but man - I haven't experienced the 3 point turn yet. Damn. Congrats for making it out of those two weeks alive and with humor.