23 October 2009

Introducing: Photo Finish Friday

Starting today, I'll be digging through the Sybarite photo archives each week to bring you a fun photo on Friday. Because doesn't everyone need a little bit of visual joy to celebrate the end of the week?

Here's the first installment.

Orange Bug and tree
Portland, November 2007

(I admit, I am cheating by giving you two photos today. But I'll justify it by saying my photography skills were not so hot then, so you sort of need two images to accomplish what I would now be able to say with just one.)

I've been searching for any faint hint of impending fall lately. I did notice a few Liquid Amber trees in my neighborhood starting to turn to a golden syrupy color. But apart from that, the sun beats down on us just like it did in July, August, and September. So desperate am I for a change of climate that the entire Sybarite clan will travel northwards for a few weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

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