19 November 2009

Serious Style for Shut-Ins

During the thirty-five minutes Ms. Baby napped this morning, I decided to try and gussy up. Not that I have plans to go anywhere or see anyone, apart from her, the cat and my husband (but then, some would consider gussying up for him de rigeur).

I started with my outfit. Black leggings, a long tunic, and.... what will we have today? Gladiator sandals? Nah. Too Summer '09. Clogs? Oh no no no. Gold ballet flats, ladies and gentlemen. To cheer me up.

As I hadn't felt like risking the time to take a shower (oh, two and half hour naps, we hardly knew ye!), I teased my dirty hair (neeener-neeener, dirty hair!) then pulled it up into a non-chalant, intentionally unintentional ponytail. There.

And yet. Hmmm. I sez to myself in the mirror. How to feel better about not showering? Think.


Zut alors! I'll just pretend I'm French! When I lived in France, it wigged me out for all of a demi-second to notice that people wore the same outfit two, even three days in a row. Then I got right on board that train. So. French it is. A twist of the pony, insert one bobby pin, et voila! A french twist. Hey, Oscar Blandi says women should only wash their hair once a week. Maybe he's just trying to sell dry shampoo, but it does make styling a lot easier.

Somewhere my French inspiration got swirled up with my recent viewing of My Fair Lady Tuesday, so I decided to take a mild left turn - I was already half way there with the ballet flats and leggings - into Audrey Hepburn Land.
On went the strong eyebrow. Yes to the heavy dark doe-eye liner.
Does anyone else think this much about what they are going to wear, at home - more or less alone - all day? Because the thinking didn't stop there.

I decided: it is a good time, sartorial-ly speaking, to be a new mom, thanks to the legging. If you're going to buy one new piece this season - and who can afford much more than that, really, with Christmas looming, and jobs scarce and universal health care still a dream? - it may as well be the legging. (Ever notice that fashion-speak always amputates every plural into the singular? To wit: a "smoky eye", the "red lip", a "chocolate suede boot"; as if I only found one boot at the thrift store, but it was a Christian Louboutin, brand new, in my size, and so gorgeous I decided to buy and wear it anyway, by itself - the other foot bare. I never understood that.)

So without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons to stop hating on Lindsay Lohan and Embrace the Legging!

1. Think Price Point
The $12 charge on your Target receipt is easily hidden amongst less discretionary purchases.

2. Think Comfort
What else is warm enough to keep away the chill on those nippy early morning walks, but cool enough after you've pushed the stroller up four hills and downed your first Extra-Hot Venti Latte?

3. Think Camouflage
In black, under something long, it hides any recent matronly shape you may not have rid or reconciled yourself to yet.

4. Think Practical
I can bend over, sit on the floor cross legged, hitch myself over a baby gate and squat tub-side with nary a thought.

5. Versatility
Repeat after me: goes with almost everything. It can freshen up those long empire-waisted maternity tops - unless like me you were so sick of looking at them you all but burned them post-partum.

I know what you're thinking, if you're anything like me: but I wore leggings the first time around! Yes, but that was in 1992, with a triple-XL Gap chambray shirt that looked like you stole it from the laundry room at San Quentin, and those weird sawed-off cowboy bootie-things. This is different. This is today. This is easy.

If only getting Bunni to nap were so easy.


  1. I was just thinking about my sawed-off cowboy boots last night! (I had them around age 14, I begged my mom for them at Mervyns.) Well, first I was thinking about how the new name for them is "shootie". I hate it! And then I wondered if there was any, any way that had I kept those shoe-boots, they would still be cool. Anyway, I wish I'd put as much effort into getting dressed today as I did thinking about those shooties.

    XO Carrie

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  3. Ma Gawd. You are so cute and fabulous. I loved that tour of your brain. My process is a bit more, oh crap maternity clothes again. At least they are starting to look baggy but it's all I got. Sooo pretty.

    Well, one victory today. Buttoned the jeans. I guess I should celebrate that one.

  4. Yes, Carrie, anything one begged one's mom to buy when one was 14 is an indisputable classic forevermore.

    Woo hoooo to buttoning the jeans, Jane!