04 December 2009

Photo Finish Friday: For Your Eyes Only

In honor of the birthdays of two dear Sagittarius friends, today's photo comes from my 30th birthday. The evening was a James Bond soiree, and some of my friends and I offered musical interludes. From left to right: Manuela (from Moonraker) sang You Only Live Twice ; Violetta Van der Minke did Goldfinger; Mr. Osaka, our piano accompanist; Carlotta Gee (Spanish-Irish pirate queen) gave us Diamonds are Forever ; and Kamma Sutra sang Nobody Does it Better.

Happy Birthday, Carlotta and Kamma - hope it's An All Time High!


  1. Wish my fellow Sagittarians happy birthday!

  2. oh myyy goodness. back in the licking in pictures days..seems so long ago! that party was so super fantabulous.