12 December 2009

Who Me, a Wet Blanket?

Much to my utter delight, it has been bucketing rain all night. That's about as seasonal as it gets wintertimes in SoCal, and I'm enjoying it to the hilt. The only bad news is that in my inability to ever complete a single task, I left a container of Christmas decorations outside to be ruined by the rain. No biggee -- despite my earlier virtuous declarations of avoiding clutter and consumerism and keeping my decorations to a bare, green, natural minimum -- I had too many. Yes, I admit it. Four giant plastic containers full. At least what got soaked and mildewed (because, naturally, it took me a week to bring them in for a post-mortem) wasn't homemade or sentimentally valuable. A little paring down never hurt anyone.

Let's focus our attention now on winter, beginning with my new banner photo. The gorgeous winter idyll pictured above was taken by Mr. Sybarite's goddaughter in Washington, while snowboarding (now that's skills,right?) Thanks for the permission to bedeck my blog with your art, Muirenn!

So far this Christmas season seems to be a tale of good intentions on my part, without follow through. Talk about a wet blanket: we've got no Christmas tree (though the smell alone makes me inordinately happy) no lights yet (though they make Mr Sybarite inordinately happy) no whipping up batches of matzoh toffee (we celebrate Hanukkah, too)

Latkes chez Sybarites December 2009

or dark chocolate cherry pistachio bark, no nights of Bing crooning carols while we sip egg nog spiked with Bourbon (ah, Bourbon, how I've missed you!) Too tired. Too many dishes to wash and floors to sweep and sleep to catch up on. Too many bills to pay and not enough time to even catch a fake snowfall at the schmancy outdoor mall.

What kind of holiday season am I running here?

Please pardon me while I turn this post into a pep talk. Could I perhaps stop feeling sorry for myself for not having enough long, uninterrupted stretches of leisure time in which to persue the holiday activities that bring me joy? Viva, joy! It is time to rally and rustle up some Christmas spirit. That means you, Christmas cards waiting to be written, eggnog pound cake waiting to be baked, fires waiting to be lit, mulled wine and apple cider waiting to be simmered.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and this year, at least, her name is La Sybarite. So the economy is grim. So what? So I won't get my one big Christmas wish of a pajama-clad family big-screen movie marathon. (The new flat screen tv will just have to wait a little longer. )Let's give 2009 a Viking funeral and light this Tannenbaum til she burns to the ground.

Bunni making strange with Santa, 2009

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