24 June 2010

A few things I've learned about myself the past year.

Got your magnifying lenses out?  Good, because today we are navel gazing, after the jump. If you're not bursting with interest in my navel, you may wish to skip this post. But since you've already got your magnifying lense out, why not stare into your own depths for awhile. Go ahead, I give you permission. Go on, its good for you.

I am one competitive SOB. It's not so much that I have to be better than you, but that I need to be better than me, and you remind me of things I am not so good at.

Not getting one good, solid, five hour chunk of sleep spells certain disaster.

I do a lot of things to avoid feeling my feelings, including (but by no means limited to):
-shopping (either the thrift or grocery varieties)
-eating (first choice sugar, second choice dairy)
-drinking (specifically: coffee in the day time, alcohol at night)
-bossing my husband around
-cleaning like a woman possessed
-watching the Millionaire Matchmaker

I am prone to isolate myself.

I hate asking for help.

I ABHOR making demands of others, even said demands are fundamental to my well-being.

Going to the park is boring, only slightly less so than going to the indoor playground (sorry, Bunni).

I make a mean brisket.

I want to earn oodles of money.

I enjoy reading memoirs of heartache, pain and trauma; as a safe, controlled way to access -- second-hand -- my own heartache.

My tendency is to suck up my own needs/desires until I reach a breaking point. Then I feel I have carte blanche to be selfish, piggy and heartless.

I can never go wrong wearing jeans, a tank top and cowboy boots.

Posting things like this all about myself on the World Wide Webosphere fills me with anxiety and (if you can be filled with such a thing) ambivalence. Let's hope I don't live to regret it.

You can make me feel better, if you are so inclined, by commenting with one thing you recently discovered about yourself. Thank you.

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  1. I can't let a post like this hang out here all lonely so I will say that after all these years I just discovered that I still - STILL - believe that a big pile of money would make so many problems go away. I'd love the excuse to make a list, but I am too tired and have no blog of my own.