24 June 2010

If Wishes Were Horses

...this house would be carpeted with road apples.

A while back I offered up an arrangement for our living room that requires some new furniture items. I didn't think anyone would much notice my sketch, let alone read it (Hello...hello...hello... Anyone out there?...there?...there?..) But to my surprise, a few did. So I'm following up.

Here is my list of new items necessary to complete my ideal arrangement:

1. Flat screen tv
Nothing jumbo-tron-ish need apply. Just be flat, easy on my fading eye sight, and unobtrusive.

2. Sectional Sofa
I know what you're thinking. Those giant L-shaped monstrosities? How gauche. Sectionals are the minivans of couches!
I know. I thought the same way. When my oldest dearest friend (a mother of three) told me she was desperate for one of these behemoths, I looked at her askance. That was several years ago, before I joined her mothering ranks. Now I get it.

When you get so little time to sit down in front of the tv, you want that time to be comfortable. And I want to be within touching distance of my darling husband. On a sectional we can both recline, feet up ideally in one or the other's lap.

You know who didn't get it? A production designer friend. She tried very gently -- yet insistently-- to talk me out of a sectional. "Just get a cheap used couch with good bones and recover it. It'll look so much better." I think she was on the verge of a style intervention. But I was (am) adamant.

So, is this one really so bad?

3. TV credenza

I'm kind of into this orange piece at CB2which is really just a sad simularcum of this
Gorgeous right? I love orange in a living room. I read it's supposed to foster conversation. It's a warm, cheerful color that works surprisingly well with many styles and palettes. It was also this guy's favorite color, I hear.

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