24 June 2010

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time on a small green island there lived a certain young man. The youngest of four black-haired brothers, he grew up surrounded by guitars, pianos and melodies. Music would always be at the tips of his magical fingertips, his grandmother -- herself a concert pianist -- told him. She was right. By the time he was 20 his songs could be heard all over his small green island.

This was one of the songs the young man wrote.

At much the same time, halfway around the world, there was a young woman who lived in a candy-colored house by the ocean. When she couldn't sleep she would walk through the fog to the water's edge and ask the sea lions lolling there to sing to her. Some nights those sea lions would grant her a song, serenading her all the way home, until her eyelids became heavy with sleep.

The young woman used to read many books, one by a famous man who talked about an "oceanic feeling" that is universal to all people everywhere. The famous man had never had that feeling, but the lonely girl had. While thinking about the oceanic feeling,  and feeling sorry for the famous man who'd never felt it, she painted his picture one night.

Many years later, the lonely young woman met the black haired man. A small voice inside his head told him "this is the woman you will marry". But the young woman wasn't so sure.

One night, under a full moon lunar eclipse, he played her the song he had written, so many years before. As he picked out the chords on the guitar strings, she felt the oceanic feeling wash over her like a tide. Something about the song felt familiar; then she recognized it. It was the song the sea lions used to sing to her.

He asked her to marry him that night underneath the full moon; she agreed.

So off the two went to a faraway land where lotus flowers were left as offerings at gilded temples. Together they knelt before nine monks dressed all in orange, who tied them together for eternity, marrying them.

Today, when their baby girl is sleepy, they softly sing the same song to her, so that she can dream of sea lions splashing in cold green waves, and of smoke curling above lotus blossoms in golden temples.

The End.

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