20 June 2011

We Finally Got a Piece of the Pie (a la mode)

Well, it's official, readers; we're movin' on up.  VJR Headquarters has transplanted, relocated, uprooted. You can now get your fill of the contents of my brain here, at my very own site: www.vivajoyriot.com.  

Thanks to my cousin J,  I am now the proud owner of my own domain.  He had the brilliant idea to host my site, and only a year and a half later, I've finally taken him up on the offer (three cheers for better late than never: Hip Hip, hooo...


J and the rest of our extended clan  converged last weekend for a big family wedding in Small Town, Midwest, USA.
Corn Fields; Small Town, Midwest, USA
 I'm sorry I missed the wedding and the reunion that accompanied it, but I hope you guys had a good time and in lieu of lake-caught fried frogs legs and Jonesland softball burgers, you at least made it to the Whirl-a-Whip for a soft serve cone.

Whirl-A-Whip, 2006.

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