30 November 2009

Post-Racial World My A$$

To those who proclaim we've "moved beyond color"; who point to President Obama as proof that we're all on a level playing field now; who file lawsuits to prove that it is, in fact, white people who are discriminated against today; who think that the Emancipation Proclamation put a definitive end to our country's ugly chapters of racial inequity-

I offer this.

I sometimes hear about "surly black folks". Even typing that makes my skin crawl. As if melatonin predicted behavior, or mood! I haven't yet had the opportunity to point out to the party that utters this loaded phrase that it was a mere generation ago that Black people in Mississippi were fired, evicted, assaulted, shot at - for what audacious, unpardonable, unspeakable act? Registering to vote. That was only one generation ago.

It's rough out there, folks. Let's make an effort to be good to each other, shall we?

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