03 February 2016


What are your superpowers? 

We all have them. Mine happen to include a pink miniskirt, a hip shimmy and a exoskeleton built for aerodynamics. (Not shown are radar for thrift stores and an uncanny knowledge of song lyrics).

Don't ask me what this is from.  (OK, FINE, since I'm such a stickler for attribution: the character is Dark Destructoid Pink Armadillo from Kikaida, a Japanese television franchise that first aired in 1972.) More importantly, just know that the universe can sometimes read your mood so exquisitely that something like this will land in your lap for no good reason other than to remind you that you will prevail. 

At least that's what it just did for me.

But seriously, I want to hear what your superpowers are. 

Here's the complete scene if the tasty sample above wasn't enough for you.

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